Systematic Speed Course for Advanced writers, Swem

systematic speed course for advanced writers, Swem,pdf (Swem was an Official Reporter, Supreme Court, State of New York, holder of many Gregg speed records, and teacher of advanced students.) In this short article, Charles Lee Swem describes how to go from 80wpm up to 150wpm in an hour a day. I used this to go … Continue reading Systematic Speed Course for Advanced writers, Swem

Vowel Comparison: IPA, Tongue Position, Pitman, Gregg

Yet another way to procrastinate, disguised as research and learning. Pitman follows tongue placement very well, both height and front/back. Front vowels are dots. Back vowels are dashes. Low vowels are 1st position (written low), middle are written middle, and low vowels are written high. (Why did he flip them?) Heavy/light alternates on the way … Continue reading Vowel Comparison: IPA, Tongue Position, Pitman, Gregg

Elven Prince — In Gregg Simplified Shorthand

I hope this is an original story, but suspect I drew too heavily from the source material. Sigh. Good for penmanship samples and Open Mic nights, but not much more. elven prince gregg Please comment on the Gregg group if you can, otherwise I'll copy so the conversation is in one place.

Pen Loops in Journal

Every week or so, someone asks about attaching pens to journals. Here's my solution. Instructions below the picture. The pens hang outside the book. It makes the book a bit wider, but you can close the book fully. It works with hard and soft covered books. Materials & Equipment: File folder for cardboard, sample pens, … Continue reading Pen Loops in Journal

Planned conversation with teenager:

  On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is getting milk on the way home from work tonight? Expected response, fairly high. In that case, how important is it that you put it in your trusted reminder system? Expected response, equally high. Actual conversation with teenager: On a scale of 1 to 10, … Continue reading Planned conversation with teenager:

10% Rule Revised — How to Bust a Backlog

I was about to point a friend to the old post, but realized it's not as clear as I'd like. So, here is the revised version of 10% Rule -- How to Bust a Backlog. It works well with a well-stirred list of things that take between 1 and 30 minutes each, with a variety … Continue reading 10% Rule Revised — How to Bust a Backlog

Latest Planning and Logging Forms

I've been using this system, with minor changes every few weeks, for three months now. journal.pdf Platform varies with form and mood. Pen and paper helps me focus, especially if I update the time log often. Going to the computer distracts me. Computers do math well, and give me instant rewards with conditional formatting. (Good … Continue reading Latest Planning and Logging Forms