10% Rule Revised — How to Bust a Backlog

I was about to point a friend to the old post, but realized it's not as clear as I'd like. So, here is the revised version of 10% Rule -- How to Bust a Backlog. It works well with a well-stirred list of things that take between 1 and 30 minutes each, with a variety … Continue reading 10% Rule Revised — How to Bust a Backlog


Latest Planning and Logging Forms

I've been using this system, with minor changes every few weeks, for three months now. journal.pdf Platform varies with form and mood. Pen and paper helps me focus, especially if I update the time log often. Going to the computer distracts me. Computers do math well, and give me instant rewards with conditional formatting. (Good … Continue reading Latest Planning and Logging Forms

Clean House in a Year

Full Disclosure: I'm not using this method at the moment. I want to get the kids more involved, and specific requirements seems to work best. We're using the list Motivated Moms. To that, I add things that I want to get more attention (cook supper), and subtract things we don't need (replace hand towels every … Continue reading Clean House in a Year

The 10% Rule for Paper

In my last post, I described the 10% Rule for clearing an email backlog. For paper, the process is a bit different, mostly because it's harder to see what's there and to pull things from the middle, but also because there's more walking around when dealing with physical items. First, I divide it into 3-inch … Continue reading The 10% Rule for Paper

The 10% Rule — How to Bust a Backlog

I'm recovering from the 1st vacation of the summer (which was preceded by a two-week crunch on two important projects). As usual, there's a huge backlog of email, including all sorts of little things I thought of while away and emailed myself about. The 10% rule rocks for this type of backlog, where most tasks … Continue reading The 10% Rule — How to Bust a Backlog

Bad Advice — The Bits I Forgot

Don't expect to be able to do all the neat things in a single job. Ain't gonna happen, and even if you can, it's a bad idea. Eggs in basket. If your job folds, then all the things you enjoy and that keep your life interesting, and that keep you interesting, fold with it. Remember … Continue reading Bad Advice — The Bits I Forgot

Bad Advice

I very narrowly avoided suggesting on his blog that the blogger re-evaluate his desire to be fully self-employed, given all the struggling he was doing with motivation, tasks he really didn't want to do, and lack of enjoyment. And then I read another blogger tell 18 year olds to take the path less traveled rather … Continue reading Bad Advice

How to Write a Press Release for Your Event

Or, how to help me help you. I manage two guild websites. Both sites have a Coming Events page. I also do publicity for three guilds, so I've sat on both sides of the desk, and seen a wide variety of requirements. Like all communication, you need to think like your audience. Give the editor … Continue reading How to Write a Press Release for Your Event