Better post sometime

Things here are good, just got waylaid into a few projects. No, not unpacking the boxes (though Hubby found the Christmas lights and get them up).

Probably going to start a budget web design company. Spent a week or two on the content for that. Still need a better description of the packages I’ll offer, and, of course, make a skin for it. Not green, this time. Blue seems about done-out. Maybe scarlet? Have to play. Might head over to colourlovers (Yes! Canadian spelling! And the guy’s based in the US, too!)

Discovered a great site for arts-related groups. (See us under There go half my potential clients, sigh! A few of the people taking the seminar would probably be quite happy to pay someone else to reformat picture files and do the typing, and the site does offer an “assisted membership” option where “they” will do that for “a nominal fee”. I may look into becoming an “approved assister”.

Spent another week or two doing a math quiz program in php for son. Yeah, I know, someone else probably already did one, but, hey, this one does exactly what I want, and I wanted to learn php, so overall this was much better than just looking one up. Also, I’ll be able to customize it. ( way down at the bottom. Lower, lower, past the one done by hubby.) I’ll add multiplication and division (including long numbers) later (either when someone asks, or when he starts doing them in school).

And, it’s month-begin, which means I really should recheck all the bills and such. That’s a pain this time of year, because hubby has to screen his receipts before handing them to me. I often learn the store when I check the credit card statement. Ages ago, he used the Canadian Tire-sponsord MasterCard at Canadian Tire; when you do that it nicely lists the details on the credit card statement. Managed to look surprised enough.

Looking for ways to get son to sleep sooner; he stares at the ceiling for over an hour some nights. ADHD is both cause and effect of sleep problems, sigh. And of course he doesn’t believe it, so he actively tries to stay awake. He’s finally concentrating on his karate again, after being really careless with his form for several months. Goes in phases; really good for a bit, then total lack of interest. Ah, well, given the other organized sports available, it’s still the best. Sensei is really good about it; he does it right, he gets his next award; he does it wrong, she’ll point out what he’s doing wrong (and right, and improved, if anything) and assure him he’ll get there. Helps that Hubby is motoring through the belts at a respectable speed; she knows the family. Definitely glad I researched three different dojos; one seemed a belt-factory, which would likely push him just that bit too hard. (He doesn’t react at all well when pushed too hard.)

Daughter is loving ballet. Definitely impressed with the school. At this age they’re more concerned with teaching them body awareness and moving to music than “proper” ballet, as opposed to some of the schools. They wear tutus and ballet shoes, half the music is classical (and the rest tap or jazz or Disney or whatever), and they do ballet moves. Again, glad I researched the schools. One insists on black body suit with no skirt (what! she loves her skirt!) and proper ballet bun for every class — on five year olds!

That’s it for now!


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