It’s done!

My main site has been officially moved over to the new format.

Realized one story, humourous cross-over, really was as insulting to one of the shows as some of the readers said, so it’s off. (Others in the same fandom loved it, sigh.) So it’s toast. And some of my original stuff is, well, some is quite good and some is the opposite, but it’s not insulting so it’s up.

Decided to start a personal site for non-fandom stuff. I keep telling folks in real life I’ll put up stuff or links or whatever, and then they see the fandom stuff. Not that I’ve anything against them knowing about the fandom, but if I know it’s not great stuff, why would I want to show it to folks who don’t even enjoy the characters? But that site will have to wait.

Meanwhile, the site is

Enjoy, and if you see anything that’s ugly or doesn’t work or you think isn’t good (other than the fiction), let me know so I can fix it. I’ve used a new program, and sometimes one change breaks something else. Not to mention each browser working differently.



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