Another boring entry

We had a wonderful, internet-free holiday. I’ve gotten less rigid about my internet-free weekends lately, and this holiday reminded me why I should re-instate them. So I will. No waiting my turn or having to get off so Mom could call my brother. No spam to waste my time (until later, but spam can be dealt with faster in bulk). No bad news from friends spending time on the internet instead of with family. No one wanting me to update their travel blog for them (long story, and I ain’t gonna do it). No concentrating on internet friends instead of family. All in all, the internet gets in the way of what Paxwolf calls a child-like Christmas.

Downside is being so far behind in groups and email, but it does reinforce the fact that the groups will survive quite nicely without my frequent input, and I don’t have to comment on every topic.



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