Not my usual upbeat list of events, but not too bad, either

Just letting my online friends, from places where I post more often, know I’ll might (or might not) be off the machine for a while, or at least slowing down.

The main computer died two days ago. Under warranty, but,….

So far: take apart, vacuum, rejoice, use for a day or two, watch it go flakey again, call Intel.

I went into the basement Monday night for a snack, and discovered some areas had half an inch of water. Fortunately, we’d seen evidence of water damage when we moved in last spring, and put everything on plywood. We moved many boxes, and did a lot of mopping, but the water only got through the corners of one box. We weren’t sure if the dam of towels would last the night, so set the alarm for 2am to check.

Husband took Tuesday off to tear out the drywall and insulation off one wall; not as bad as it could have been, since we’d already torn out the musty carpet and half the drywall before moving in.

Good news is there’s a very obvious crack that will be injected next week. The other cracks were fine, so the landscaping and patching we did last summer may have worked. It’s another 15 years before we’ll have the money to finish the basement. By then we’ll know how dry it really is.

Tues night, after all that work, he mistook my exhaustion for internet withdrawal, and, being too tired to come to bed, he followed Intel’s instructions: take apart again, disconnect all inside bits, let sit twenty minutes to reset BIOS, reconnect and count beeps to get diagnostic code. He eventually gave up and came to bed ’cause there weren’t no beeps.

Wednesday he took it into work to check if something’s grounding wrong, and made yet another backup. Intel, is now sending a “shipping package”.

Between Wednesday night and Friday Morning, he connected the backup drive to an ancient backup machine, — the old one, soooo slow. It’s the one I’m using now. I’ve got all the data and email profiles, but it’s not worth the time restore them to this one, then re-restore them again to the better machine when it returns. I would like a working printer, though. If not for being contact for the storytellers, and having some bills in email, I’d ignore the computer and unpack the china from the move, or do the taxes.

To do eventually: use above-mentioned shipping package to ship motherboard to the States, wait while they look at it and decide whether to send cheque or exact (or similar) replacement, install what they send us, call Windows and convince them it’s the same computer despite new serial number of motherboard, and then restore the backup.

Also to do: Get two quotes for the roofing. We had a serious ice dam problem (like everyone else this year, the weather was right for it); water was coming down the wall and out around the new window. In looking into that we found rotten plywood on the roof, but we had to take enough off that it was beyond what the home inspector might have seen. So the roof alone, including more venting and hubby checking that the soffit vents actually connect to the airspace (ugh, ladder work) will set us back another year on the mortgage. They recommend we also cover the existing fascia and soffit (aka the eaves) with aluminum, and put in new eaves-troughs, at the cost of yet another year on the mortgage. The extra eaves would pretty much prevent the ice dams in future, and the larger, non-leaking, non-leaf-plugged troughs would mean the water goes no where near the foundation, which would prevent basement leaking. (Face it, concrete ain’t water-proof, best way to keep the basement dry is to keep the water well away from it in the first place.)

Ah, well, at least I have a spreadsheet and word processor back; we had to do that to get at the mortgage-tracking spreadsheet.

Hubby’s down taking the strapping off the wall with the water damage. He needs to clear out enough for the crack-guy to get easy access, so may as well remove all of it for a clean install years from now.

And I was just thinking I had a dozen hours this month for computer projects, sigh.

On to the good news:

We have a deal with Crackers, age 8. He can do his homework on his own schedule, provided it’s done by 8pm, no fuss, no muss, and a good job. Otherwise, it’s my schedule. So far, so good. We don’t nag him, he doesn’t get upset by the nagging, and the work gets done. I’m all for him learning how his brain is affected by the clock. We’ve also started a new agreement for cursive practice. He gets about 50-100 letters a day homework, and if the teacher doesn’t give it, I do. Every letter he gets right, I do an exercise (E.g., jumping jack, pushup, crunchie); every one he gets wrong, he does it. He evaluates the letters first (a very key point, getting him to be self-aware), and if he calls one perfect that ain’t, he does the one he should have done, and one for calling it wrong. So far, so good.

Date with hubby yesterday was great. Saw the Turtles. Yep, think they’ll do a decent job on Gatch. I noted about five good plot things (gun on the wall in Act 1 sort of thing). Agreed on the humans, though — I hope they do a different style for Gatch. More on that on the Gatchie sites.

I have a cold at the moment, and played Animal Crossing for a few hours — it’s about my speed right now, whereas normally I find it annoyingly slow. I figure another 8 hours and I’ll have paid off the loan Tom Nook gave me for my house expansion. At least that’s one mortgage I can pay off! Mailed stuff to the kids, too.


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