Routine Update

Well, the basement is still dry. Haven’t had enough rain to test it. I suspect it was the combination of lots and lots of rain, very soggy ground due to warm weather and lots of snow melting, and there likely still being a lot of frozen ground further from the house, so the water in the ground had nowhere to go.

Still, we’re confident enough that we’ll refinish to the point of pink insulation wrapped in plastic.

I think I can convince hubby to build some more proper shelves down there. And, as always, have myself half-convinced that, as I pick up each box to put in its new home, I will go through it properly.

I finally, after 10 months, emptied the china boxes from the dining room! I’m convinced the contents grew, since most of one box won’t fit in. I really have to purge the wedding gifts from parents’ friends; surely someone else has a better use for them. I wish Grandma’s china had a smaller turkey platter. Anyone know where Edelgaard LeLacheur has gotten to? She was a bridesmaid, and the last we saw of her was the wedding; she carried a huge crystal cake plate and cover five hours on the bus to give to us.

And, family is home from karate.



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