Selling … what?

Really should be working on other things. But I need a Covey-style Q4 [1]
break, which is why I got in such a mess in the first place, I guess.

[1] Unimportant, non-critical, relaxing.

Today, though, it’s rants.

Like, the latest “Buy an over-priced item you’d not even buy at the regular price, because our school needs money.” I do sympathize with the fundraising committee, it does seem to be the best way to get money out of people, but I’d much prefer to write a cheque, get a tax receipt so the government gives me 17% back (seeing as it’s stuff they should be funding in the first place), and not have the chocolate, or bought-unseen flowers, or whatever, in the house.

Oh, maybe I should think of the chocolate or flowers or whatever as a thank-you for donating? Tacky. PBS-TV has better gifts and gives receipts. And a pox on the person, yeah, yeah, just trying to make a living, who hypes the kids up about all the prizes they might win, which are, well, the photographer did a good job.

It teaches the kids that, to get money, you either beg, or sell people stuff they don’t need.

If it were a “work for pay” thing, I’d pay. Teams of kids going out cleaning up yards, washing cars, that sort of thing, I’m all for. Builds class spirit, and they learn to work for a living. Had a teenager come by recently, very polite, “Hi, I’m ____ (shows ID tag), in a program to get kids off the street and teach us useful skills and keeps us off the street.” I lost it. Told him that selling people stuff they don’t need will get him $10/hour max, which won’t even pay for groceries. Get an education and a real job. Of course, now I second-guess myself, and wonder if the rest of his spiel would be more “fund a group that teaches more than just how to sell.” Nah, I listened to it last year, there’s nothing there.

Fundraising for others, I don’t mind that either. I give to Heart and Stroke every year anyways, and if it goes through the kids they see that it is important to donate and to help others, and it reduces the number of volunteer canvassers they need.

But teaching kids to sell garbage? Not a skill I want to promote.


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