Telemarketers with no clue

This one was actually funny.

I got a call a few secs ago: May I please speak to the person who does your company websites? (barely comprehend the English)


May I have your name, please?

I tell him first name.

I represent (very halting, lots of space between phrases) (can’t understand company name)

Okay (or similar non-committal, I’m listening phrase)

(Lots and lots of pauses here. Either he’s being polite and giving me pauses in which to hang up, or he’s having trouble reading the script. Might be the latter, there was a lot of typing noises in the background)

We are a website consulting company, based in Chicago, gives large number (like 150ish) sites they’ve done, international and all!

During pause I ask him if he knows what my business is.

He pauses a few seconds and hangs up.

Damn. I wish he’d stayed on longer. I wanted to learn more about the competition.


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