Working Weekend

Oma has this idea that hubby and I really don’t do well with the maintenance thing. That we don’t get much time at the cottage, and she really should be doing things to reduce maintenance. Like, getting vinyl siding for the shed and boathouse. She even talked to the local handyman about it. Then she asked us to go into town and look at the available colours.

A bit of math later, and the shed was looking expensive. Staining, at the cost of two weekends every 8 years, is 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of the siding materials alone (depending on which stain and which siding). We’ve never done siding, don’t know anyone other than the handyman who ever has. These buildings are both likely to be finicky, too.

Oma cleaned the boathouse sides this weekend. I demonstrated that yes, a roller works great on OSB, and Hubby was amazed that we finished that each coat only took 3 hours — he and Oma spent an entire day on each coat when he was a teen, using brushes.

Those little fuzzy trim rollers work just as well with stain as with paint. The time spent cutting in is reduced by 6. As in, two hours down to twenty minutes. And when half your time is spent on scaffolding over your head (and you’re terrible with heights), it cuts it down a lot more! Not just a regular roller cut to 3 inches, but a thin (1 inch diam) thing, with fuzz right at the end for getting into the corner. I’m not sure if this is it or not, but is the closest I found:

(Hmmmm, saw a foam corner-roller, too. Think I’ll pick one up and try it as well.)

Hubby, meanwhile, was taking off some of the shed sides (Son and friend were disappointed the destruction was so contained) and replacing them with more of the packing crate sides Opa picked up two decades ago. Knowing Oma, she’ll do all the staining once it’s ready, now that we’ve figured out how to do it without a ladder.

And now, to work! Been delaying it for long enough that the pile is terrifying.


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