Magic the Gathering

The 5000 cards that have been sitting in the basement since 2000 are now active again. Well, only the ones which were already in decks, but give us time.

We introduced Crackers to the game last month. He loves it. Even has a 5-colour deck that he’s convinced is great because for each colour in his opponent’s deck, he has the colour in his that is most effective against it. He hasn’t gotten past simple instants and interrupts, but he’ll get there. (Me, I get frustrated with having to remember more than two stages in a battle or spell-chain.)

Not to be outdone, Rocket is making her own cards. Short descriptions and missing relative damage, but it keeps her happy. We played a Magic game using a deck of cards with jokes on them; damage was the number of times the joke made her laugh.


3 thoughts on “Magic the Gathering

    1. How does one dress as someone from the game? There are 5000+ cards! Although I guess some are more famous than others, and there are books based on the game.

      1. Eh… me too I was surprised when someone told me he was all dressed up as a card from Magic. The cosplay of this guy here was “From swords to plowshare”, although he confessed me that a lot of people asked him if he was disguised as… Jesus Christ! That’s even more surprising πŸ˜‰

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