Family News

Because I do more than just learn shorthand.

Crackers finished two weeks at climbing camp. He went last year. Loved it enough to ask for (and get) a second week, but mostly stayed on the ground.

This year, the first week was less fun (22 kids). The instructors commented on how much he’d changed. No longer at the end for the hikes. More attentive. And he climbed to the top of the ascender! 30 ft, in a rig where you have your toe in a loop (yes, with extra safety-harness), then push with your leg and pull on a rope to rise. He wasn’t sure about a second week, but decided it was better than hanging around home with his sister. Only 7 kids, and he did great! Went on the boulder swing several times (swinging in your harness in the middle of nowhere) and reached the top of the 30ft wall several times.

Rocket went to dance camp, at the studio where she takes ballet. A thoroughly girlie camp, where they made hair clips and painted toe nails and did lots of dancing. Unfortunately, their next week of operation is the middle of our upcoming vacation.

So, this week they’re both at home. Haven’t pulled each others’ hair out yet. I’ve been having yet another unexplained bout of insomnia, sigh, so not going out to pools and parks like I’d hoped. Thought I’d figured it out, 30 minutes of shorthand and a cup of decaf tea, as opposed to a craft where my brain would get entrained into the rhythm. But, no, had to pick up a novel, and hubby had to stay up late reading or playing XBox, several nights in a row.



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