7 Days and Counting

7 days till my life returns to what I hope will be a productive variation of normal. Ie 7 days till school starts.

I’ve been internet free for almost 3 weeks while away, stopping in only once to clear out 3000 spam and deal with important RL email. So now I’m in the early “catch-up” phase, taking a bit to do less important stuff that piles up.

And one kid or another comes in every five minutes about a bug or an awesome skid mark, or just plain wanting my attention.

New Years’ resolutions are best started in September. So, this year I hope to:

– get real aerobic exercise. Jogging to pick them up after school would work.

– more socializing, RL socializing that is. Get to the school early enough to join G and L as they walk G’s dog after dropping the kids off.

– more work around the house. 2 non-weekly things every day, or two hours. Not sure which, but either would do. 30 min of “semi-annual or less often” every day would do great things to the accumulationS.

Holiday was great. Internet-free is the way to go.

I hope to add all sorts of observations and thoughts as I remember them. Gotta learn to write them down.



One thought on “7 Days and Counting

  1. Hi cricket!

    Glad to hear you had a great holiday. Just popping in to wish you a good return to normality and a good schoolyear for your kids.


    Pax 🙂

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