Filing Solution

I admit it, I hate to throw things out, even things I know I’ll rarely use. (I’m not as bad as my kids, unless it’s paper. Paper doesn’t take a lot of space.)

Some things it’s obvious. Coupons for things I’ll never use, flyers.

The only problem is the things that I know I’ll never use, but can’t seem to throw out, like the shorthand notes for a meeting of the storytellers (I type up nice minutes from them; why do I need the scribbles?) or the original timing sheet for a performance.

I finally found a way to do it. (Yep, today was “empty out the upstairs filing” day, for the “school year” box, at least. Things like clubs and lessons. I’ve another box for the calendar year stuff, mostly adult stuff like bills, insurance and taxes.)

So, if you take over my files and see something labeled “Packrat to June 2007”, you can throw it out, if you dare.


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