Three Days in to Normal

Spent the first two days shopping. Two meals out, ouch! (But yummy.) Bought more school supplies, (teacher wants five specific colours of duotangs, but was told she can’t buy them herself and ask us to repay her), hard-to-find drink bottles (wide mouth so can clean out the apple juice), no luck on beach shoes that don’t slip, almost bought a pair of ice skates from display just set up, hair cut, groceries. All so nice without having two bored kids to drag around.

Also did a long walk every morning. Then today I added laundry (out by 1pm!!!) and spent an hour on the front hall; two feet of newspaper bundles, and the table with the Kleenex box is clear of toys.

Crackers has the same teacher again for grade 4. It’s a 3/4 split. Very, very happy about this. He’s not a typical kid, so he and the teacher (and us) would have spent three months adjusting to each other. She also kept two kids who acted up a lot; she has their number; they knew on day one to stand at opposite ends of the line. She’s strict, but she also listens and adapts. If I say to do it one way, and he thinks she said otherwise, he’ll do it her way; I guess that’s good, but when I know he heard her wrong,…

Got home from storytelling business meeting last night. At 7pm, she’s supposed to start the bedtime routine and he’s to start homework. Apparently they ganged up on Daddy in Jr. Clue until 7:45. He has a very small window between too keyed up from school and too tired to concentrate and is easily overwhelmed. Oops.



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