Ever have so much you want to do that you end up doing nothing? It’s been that sort of month. Two steps forward, two back.

Took me five mornings, spread over three weeks, to clean the front hall. After two weeks it’s still in good shape, so I guess that counts. And we can still see a good chunk of the coffee table.

Also count a morning for each kids’ eye appointment, and one for each dentist appointment. (I take them on separate days now they’re both in school, so each gets some special time with me.) Also Pilates once a week, kids’ after school stuff 3x/week. And the usually running of the household. Also had more than usual number of short weeks, and another one coming up next week. So I guess I’ve been busy, just not on the things I want to get done.

It’s been two weeks since I started saying, “Today I should pay the bills.” Deadline for the credit card is tomorrow, which, fortunately, has nothing else scheduled. But I’ve spent three hours a day on various internet groups.

Still haven’t started memorizing my story for this month, and I’ve only got 8 days left. Only decided on it yesterday, eeks. It’s traditional rather than “literary”, so it won’t be too bad. (Traditional means there are many versions, and I can tell it in my own words. Literary means there’s a definite author, and I should use her words.) The story is Lazy Tok. On the other hand, I’ve got one chosen for both November and December: The Secret Keeper and The Cat and the Wizard. The theme for October is “Nimble Nitwits”, and neither of the two stories I’d already chosen fit that theme.

I want to buy more than I can decide between:
– donate to the school fundraising committee.
– donate to the wiki program; he’s earned it.
– new screen for my Palm, so it recognizes what I write.
– paid voice for my dictation program, so the “please register me” doesn’t mess up my timings
– MP3 player, so I can record more dictation at once. Although I do have more than one rewritable CD I can use.
– shelves for daughter’s room. She puts most things in boxes, but the box tower is awkward.
– more shorthand books.
– pay for plumber to replace downstairs bathroom sink.
– if talking about paying for,… vacuum inside of car and landscape front yard.

I really should go back on vitamins. The last bottle of multis I got turned my stomach, and that sorta got associated with all the rest of them.

Any clue who to vote for this election? I know how I’m voting on the referendum about voting systems, but who do I want running the province? Communist and Family both have such extreme views that they’re right out. Green’s not got enough experience in office, but might be good protest vote; I doubt they’ll get more than a few members in, enough to make the big guys consider stealing their ideas, but not enough to have a say. I’ve no clue about the provincial NDP. The current Liberal government blames the previous PC one for the money problems, but the PC can list lots of Liberal wastes. I’m thinking of giving the Liberals long enough to actually implement their long-term plans, rather than ousting them. The PC will spend the first year dismantling anything the Liberals started, even the good things.

Sleep. I need sleep. We got Viva Pinata for the kids, and I played it right up till bed time, twice. It really does rewire your brain so you can’t sleep. At least Son now lets his little sister play it her way. Sure, she doesn’t breed them as fast, but she has fun wandering around.

And then I watched hubby play Halo 3 till midnight, three times. I know from past experience that a few good nights of sleep will help lots.

And, off to get the kids!



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