Some Progress

Turns out my grand todo list is a few pages shorter than I’d thought. Phew!

Today it’s the daily stuff, plus my personal story archives.

I’ve already typed up the minutes from last night’s story meeting. I was the only attendee. The regulars had all sent regrets, but I felt someone should be there in case an irregular showed up. I stayed half an hour and made a good (but week late) start on memorizing my story.

I also did the first monthly storytelling newsletter for the guild’s audience. Not fun, since I know just enough to mis-interpret what the newsletter software designers intended. I’ve been spoiled by pmwiki, I really have.

Wish me luck in making some progress on the todo backlog. R has a dentist appointment right after lunch, so I’m taking her out for meal and lunch. C missed out on his dentist lunch because it was hot lunch day at school and we’d already bought it, and I wasn’t awake enough to stand up to Daddy who declared that the already purchased hot lunch at school over-ruled, and he would pick C up after his appointment (mine was second) and return him to school in time for it. When C ordered the lunch, he wasn’t aware of the possibility of fast food, otherwise I know he’d have chosen it. So, I’ll take him out for no good reason the next 5-day week.

Wish me luck on the todo backlog!


2 thoughts on “Some Progress

  1. Guild?

    Storytelling newsletter? Guild? I have a feeling I’m not catching up on something. šŸ™‚ I’ve only just started reading your LJ, so I’m sure you mentioned this earlier. So, whatcha up to?

    1. Re: Guild?

      I’m a proud member of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers. We tell monthly spring through fall. And I just joined the Baden Guild as well, which is fall through spring and has a much better “guild”; it’s larger, and we do more “beta listening”, as well as discuss books and advice on telling. We tell mostly to adults (complexity and length of story, not X-rated). Although I also have several stories for the kids, and many stories are easy to change; just be more animated or change the language a bit.

      It’s a lot of fun.

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