Well, that was … actually not too bad

I left things a bit late for Pilates. Happens about half the time, I get caught up with just one more thing. Not good, but I won’t beat myself up about it. But today the front door was locked; no receptionist, so they locked the door except for a few minutes around the start of each class. Except I wasn’t there at the right time.

When leaving, I mentioned to a gentleman waiting for his wife (at one of the other businesses in the building) that I may as well go to the garden center, to see if they had huge metal trellises on sale. We got talking. He suggested 1×1 wood; the frame is for perennials, so if the frame rots, I’d just cut them back and put up another frame for the new growth. More chit-chat (Did you know hostas like acid? Good news for moving some under the pine trees. And clematis like alkaline, so again good news, since I’ll be putting them closer to the foundation.) and he mentions getting some copper pipe soldered. Uh, I can solder. I learned it before I left home. Proper plumbing soldering, getting everything hot, with a blow torch (My in laws still don’t believe I used to use a blow torch on anything, let alone wood skis; the trick is keep it moving, and have lots of tar on the ski so you see it bubbling.) So maybe I’ll head over to the hardware store and get some copper pipe this weekend.

I should not be getting heat exhaustion on Thanksgiving at the cottage while taking in the water line. Never did vacuum the van. If not for Hubby’s work schedule, we’d have left it in and gone up a few weeks later. Still, it was a good weekend. Lots of yummy food and catching up with the neighbours. Oma’s still there, doing the indoors stuff. Wonderful lady.

As far as the what to buy dilemma?

I’ve donated to the wiki and will buy a new screen for my Palm. (If the the brains go, I’ll buy new. Used was a good way to test the idea, and we’ve found good prices for parts, but you never quite know how many parts you’re going to end up replacing. Sort of like the house. I’ll pay a bit for reliability.)

I’ve also called the plumber. $150 or less to replace three bathroom sinks, one of which is on its very last legs. Much better than waiting for hubby to spend an entire weekend on the project including skinned knuckles, three trips to the hardware store, and who knows what else. Hubby’s handy enough, but there are times when it makes sense to pay someone else to do it. (We won’t mention the possibility of me doing it. Even though I can solder quite well, the whole crawl-under-the-sink, figure out which fittings, etc., just ain’t my thing.

So, that’s the free spending for this month. Sort’a neat, listing all the wants and how much I can spend this month. This month I picked things that would otherwise not make it to the top, but I know I’ll enjoy.



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