A Pox upon,…

I finally decided enough was enough with my Palm screen. I’ve a M505 from 2001, that I got used from Ebay over a year ago, when my previous one had memory problems. It and I don’t always agree about where I’m touching. A bit of research said this is common if you press too hard, and the suggested fix helped a bit, but,…

So I went to Ebay and found screens, from someone who takes them apart and sells the parts. Five of them, bids at $15 each, and another $15 for shipping. While there, I looked around for one of the large-screen models I’ve wanted for ages. Be still my beating heart, all sorts of them for 1 cent, several with bids at $50! So I started watching them; they reach about $200 by the end. Heart drops.

So, a pox on the sellers who put in such low starting bids, just so they’re higher when I sort by price.


One thought on “A Pox upon,…

  1. I feel the pain

    I just tried upgrading my old M125 to a Tungsten E2. Well, long story short, it has a problem and when I started doing some research, I found out it’s a common problem. If I ever have the money again to try and upgrade, I’m not sure what I’ll be looking at. But just wanted to give a warning about the E2. Stay away from it.

    So, I truly feel for you. So much for the idea of trying to use it to help during NaNoWriMo. :sigh:

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