Why is it that,…

When I get more done, I feel even more blah.

The plumber was to come this morning to replace the bathroom sinks. One of those jobs that’s really easy in theory, but if you’re an amateur it gets put off repeatedly. A pro has that nifty wrench that grabs just right in an awkward space, brings all the parts he needs the first time, and knows now to get it to do that unusual bend. He didn’t show up.

Yesterday I vacuumed the main floor and cleaned the bathrooms. Should make me feel productive, right? I also measured my usual walk; not as long as I’d like, but not as short as I’d feared. And I dropped 3 pounds. So why do I feel so blah? (And plumber called most of the way through to apologize, he has to move it to next week.)

Oh, and there’s the dishwasher, which doesn’t drain right. It doesn’t fill as high as the door sill, so there’s no puddle on the floor, but we’ll be washing by hand for a week. Have to change the habits a bit; normally I don’t have to dry any dishes, as all the hand-wash fit in the drying rack each day. Daughter was happy enough to help yesterday, but son?

I’m thinking it’s a combination of weather (damp, cloudy), north-facing window in the main room, blood-sugar, and nerves about the guild meeting tonight. I hope I stay much quieter tonight; I do enjoy it and learn a lot, but last time argued in favour of things I really don’t know much about. There’s also the drive; it’s at the edge of awake-enough-to-drive time for me. I’ll be going alone. Maybe I’ll avoid the express-way this time. Multiple lanes bother me; when someone’s beside/behind, I can’t tell how far behind. It’s worse at night, when each mirror shows headlights, and I can’t tell if it’s the same car or three different cars.

Ah, well, this too shall pass. A bit more attention to diet and timing will help the blood sugar. I just looked at the cost of phototherapy lights; eeps; and the warnings as well; I won’t be buying one of those from the cheapest internet source. And I’ll go back to Cooper’s book to see what week I’m at in his walking program, then plot some routes for the next few weeks. Oh, and laundry. And the guild website; one of those things I can spend too much time on; there’s always something new for it.

Still blah, but at least I have a plan.


2 thoughts on “Why is it that,…

  1. Yep, the lights can be expensive. To save on the cost, we used to get the special tubes ourselves, and then use our own florescent fixture. Probably not the best way to do it, but we didn’t have several hundred dollars at the time for a complete set-up. Hmm, wait, you are talking about the full-spectrum therapy lights, right?

    Hope the meeting goes well, and you get a little extra rest this weekend! Hugs!

    1. I noticed today at the grocery store that they had “natural daylight” compact fluorescent bulbs. Maybe I should find one of the old desk or floor lamps, stick in that bulb, and put it beside my desk. Mind you, finding anything after the move, flood, and shelving is questionable. There’s an entire box of office supplies, like tape and ink pads, that I can’t find. I suspect it got put into a different box, but I’m positive I’ve got all the office-type stuff in the same corner by now. Sigh.

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