I Need a Little Hug

Just a little one.

Birthday Present for Husband, and Something off His List

18 months ago we bought a 1977 house. Nice neighbourhood, and for both of us it felt like home the instant we walked in the door. (This after 40 other houses which didn’t.) I think it was because it smelled like plaster walls and Lemon Pledge — i.e., parents’ and grandparents’ homes.

Since then, it’s been … fun. A lot of what the home inspector said could wait, couldn’t. It’s a good thing he was optimistic, I guess. Otherwise we’d have not have bought it, and overall we’re happy. As it is, after the urgent things we had money left over for less urgent. And then more big things became urgent.


Anyhow, the three bathroom sinks have been oozing around the drains. We had a plumber in earlier to fix the main cutoff. (Something I wanted done smoothly. Hubby’s good, but if there had been problems, it could have been bad.) The main cut-off plus enough to fill half a day cost $200; he also looked at the sinks and said something like a few hours, easy job. So I asked him to come back. After two cancellations, the second of which he didn’t even bother to call about (added to the many missed appointments for the first job; he can’t use a calendar, and industrial jobs kept popping up), I decided enough was enough; didn’t bother calling to fire him, though; he’d call if he cared.

I then called another large company that lists residential even more prominently in their ad. They came out this morning as scheduled, and earned their $40 “ring the doorbell” fee quite nicely. (Yes, it does cost that much to maintain their truck, which is fully stocked, and their time, and their office-staff time. I always feel bad about quotes I don’t pay for.) But the they want $650 !!!!! (that includes 1 sink free, better quality pop-up than came with the taps, 3 month warranty (uh, if it fails within 3 months, you’re not coming back) and a deal (for $60) for an annual inspection during which they do all the small stuff free and 1/2 price for large stuff.)

So it’s good thing I didn’t call the first guy to say he was fired (he didn’t bother to call to say he wasn’t coming, I figured it was fair); if he does call, he’s still got the job. Meanwhile, I’ve got everything from under the sinks cluttering up the bedroom.


Either way, the stuff stays on the list; maybe I can do some of it myself; what he described might be easier than what I had thought. We’ve got two sinks in the upstairs bathroom, so we can practise on the first one.


This woman runs an email list where she sends out housekeeping reminders throughout the day. You begin with a 31-day program to get you started; introduce the jargon, establish the basic routines. It looks doable! I think I can graft her backbone onto mine; the shape’s close enough, and hers is stronger. So I spent way too much time on her site. (For all that she helps us declutter our houses, her website is a mess. So tempting to get my hands on it; and, yes, I’d even keep up all the things she wants to sell us along the way. No, we don’t have to buy, and I don’t intend to, and she doesn’t make me feel guilty, but the prices are decent if you want that sort of thing, and, hey, if she can make some money, more power to her.)

I printed out lots. I believe her when she says she can help me get my house in shape, little by little. She has a schedule; I have faith that it will eventually get round to everything. It’s nice to have a specific thing to concentrate on.

The kitchen and bathrooms are looking better already! (Bathrooms partly because plumbers were coming, and we all know what happened to that.)

I’ve pretty much reconciled myself to the fact that I’ll have to follow it a week behind, unless I want to spend even more time checking my email. You can’t get the reminders early, nor can you access the archives (although techie me sees a few ways I might,…) I wish I could follow it real-time; the thought of thousands of women all doing the same chores today is part of the grafted backbone.

But I signed up on Thursday. I haven’t gotten any emails. I got the welcome emails (it’s a Yahoo group), but no more. So, all that excitement and faith and,… nothing.

(On Friday I joined some local groups too. Eeps, discussion topics which required carefully-worded letters; I should know by now, if it takes more than five minutes, it will take 2 hours! Not good.)

Friday night, Hubby even took the family to the library so I could get her book (and get us out of the house; it was a PD day at school).

Sigh. I’ll go give myself a hug and get on with my day. Today is the weekly “Bless the house” day. We clean for exactly an hour, in six spots. Not to perfection, but it’s a lot better than I did all last week. (Unless you count the garden, so maybe it’s not that bad after all.)



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