I can’t complain. Mom and Dad came up. Dad took care of the bathroom sinks, so the only part left of that saga is cleaning up the extra caulking and the towels. (He forgot to ask for the rags, so he used the every-day towels that were close at hand. Fortunately, after a long pre-soak, the only damage was one with large rust-stains.) He did most of this while Hubby was at work, but Hubby did most of the final one himself. The caulk clean-up won’t be hard; the trick is not to try and clean it up while it’s soft; let it solidify then cut with razor blade or peel it off. Also lots of yummy food.

I’ve now got whatever Son had. Horridly painful and raw throat. Aches and pains only in the evening. A bit of a chill at times, but no fever. Not worth antibiotics, but I just love that anesthetic throat spray.

I have to get better, fast. I’ve committed to telling for 20 minutes at Read2Read on Tuesday, and it’s their last session; I still have to refresh the poem Pierre for that one; these parents would love it. If the kids aren’t there, I’ll tell it the way I prefer, where he says, “I don’t care,” a different way each time. If they are there, I expect I’ll have to change it part-way so the kids can say the line; these kids are sometimes a handful, and that’s the easiest way to keep them engaged.

I’ve got even more stories on the go. I need to finish polishing The Secret Keeper by Wednesday. I was hoping to learn The Cat and The Wizard in time to polish at Baden this Friday, but the way I feel I may stay home and work on getting healthy. There’s still enough time to learn an polish it myself before December in Guelph. I can also repolish Pippin the Christmas Pig, but I told it in December in Guelph last year, so it’s not my first choice.



2 thoughts on “Blech,…

    1. It’s not writing, it’s storytelling. These are all stories written by other people.

      So far, I’m enjoying that more than I’d enjoy having to write a story that’s both tellable and the right length. (500-1500 words) When I write, I like more freedom. Some tellers also write their own material, but for every teller who can do that well, there are a dozen who … can’t.

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