Bits and Pieces

So proud of myself. I’ve been on this new FlyLady housekeeping regime almost two months now, including a week off for visitors and a cold, and I’m really happy with the progress. I’m going off the “Room of the Week” schedule for a bit; the family room needs work before we put up the tree.

I hung the pictures last week. I decided not to bother with the drill, and risk big huge cracks. It worked just fine. Also, I left plenty of space between them, so if they’re not the same height it doesn’t matter. I put two from my room (which were in my Mommy’s room) in Rocket’s room; she chose where, and they’re at her eye-level. When I go upstairs, I see one of them which has two kids; it makes me smile. The Apache Marriage Blessing I did is the first thing you see when you come into the house, the birth-record needlepoint is the second. A set of my Mom, me, Hubby, and each kid is easily visible from the living room and front hall. It all began when I was four and Dad took a picture of me that was very similar to one Grandpa had of Mom. He got Grandpa’s negatives when Grandpa passed away, and we raided my MIL’s photo album for one of Hubby. Dad did a really nice job everything. My MIL has the same set (minus Mom) and loves it.

I put seasonal decorations in the front hall! Spent about $10 in the dollar aisle in the grocery store. Mom spends a few hours on seasonal decorations in addition to the tree; that’s too much for me. A few pine boughs in a vase is the right level for a room, I think. Easy to do, easy to undo. I really hate the tree and all the special ornaments; I’m so nervous about breaking them that I can’t enjoy the process, and once they’re up I keep not-looking-forward to having to pack them all up safely again. Until now, I’ve not bothered with generic stuff that doesn’t have meaning, but I’m rethinking it. The final step in FlyLady’s list for the Room of the Week is to add or change personal touches, so I’ll try it and see how it goes. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet (even though I often wear slippers).

The House Fairy started a few new things. The kids get a report card every night; she asked them what they think of it. It’s tricky to evaluate things; I want to reward improvement and give lots of little rewards for little steps, and the occasional big ones. We’re trying coupons; 20 each earns a fish tank. Crackers, age 9, has learned division. “How much is a fish tank, Mommy?” Little blighter claims a daily coupon is worth $3 towards his own toys. Uh, nope. Some of the money (an unspecified amount) is coming from Mommy, because she also wants fish (but not enough to pay for the entire thing if you don’t do your part).

Still stalled on the portfolio. I’ve decided one project will be done the simplest way possible, rather than as a “learn PHP” project. Another hour vs another five or ten. LJ Support says I can advertise fairly freely on my personal blog, so long as there are no click-throughs (i.e., money simply for getting people to go from here to there). There’s something about being able to advertise in one or more specialized communities; I’ll re-read it when I’m ready to advertise a bit more.

Hubby’s still busy. He finished a big ugly project yesterday, so he’s in a good mood. After doing a rush job for that client last week, he was joking with them that he’d enjoy this video game; guess what arrived in the mail! It really does make a difference to your mood when the humans you help appreciate your work. Also, his boss came up with a few ideas to compensate for his overtime; he’s salary, doesn’t get overtime, but 70 hour weeks are a bit beyond “you’re salary, no overtime”.

Today he gets to go over the entire todo list and decide which to do next, and yesterday they unveiled to the programmers the wish list for the trade show.

His car needs $250 to fix the door latch (connected with the entire anti-theft system). I’m getting serious about fixing the drift on mine, so even more money.

Fortunately, today’s Friday, and I’m home this week. And it’s snowing; he likes snow. So it should be a good weekend. He’s also very proud of himself for karate; he has been invited to test for purple-black mid-December, which means he’s managed to stay on schedule despite all the overtime. I’ve been encouraging it; the physical break is good, the group of people is fun to be with, and the pride in accomplishment is also good.



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