Christmas Stories

Friday was Open Telling (aka First Friday) at the the B-storytelling Guild. (Don’t you just love online privacy!)

It’s always a great night, but this one was even better than usual — except for the temperature; the wood stove (now renamed to “the wooden stove”, which is what one of the immigrants in one story called it), while wonderful, leaves the far edge of the room a bit chilly. But who can complain, when there’s fresh mulled cider to keep you warm!

This was everything a good carol sing is, but better. Laughter and reflection and everything in between. Yes, we had a few carols (Silent Night in five languages, with guitar), but we also had personal Christmas stories, two Jewish stories, and several stories that had nothing whatsoever to do with the season except for the joy of sharing. I love the freedom; we shared time and stories because we wanted to, rather than because it was Christmas.

My story, Dennis Lee’s “The Cat and the Wizard” went even better than I hoped. I get four uses out this month’s story. (I try to learn one story each month the G-Guild is in operation.) I told it at B, and will tell it at G, and both kids’ classes. Not a bad return on investment!

I still need to choose a story for the B-Guild to help polish. The G-Guild has helped with a few, but I feel the need to do this step with the B-Guild as well. It’s larger, with more skilled tellers. Having other tellers help polish a story is an important step to take as a teller. It’s similar with writing; are you ready to hear what people really think? I was hoping to use this one, but the timing didn’t work; procrastination struck again, and I still hadn’t learned it by last month’s B-Guild meeting. Ah, well, it just means I won’t have to look as hard for my New Year’s resolution.



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