Christmas Stories, Part II

We made over $150 last night for Sister Christine’s Drop in Centre. My MIL says I tell much better than last year; I’m not as loud and my volume is smoother. (I still say the problem last year was the microphone; it was the first time I’d used it, and it has to be pointing right at your mouth; good because it doesn’t pick up stray sounds, bad because it’s harder to use well.)

James Gordon was there, and told me I told the story very well! Wheee! It was a bit frustrating, telling; this group wasn’t as responsive as the first group I told it to. Telling to adults is harder than telling to kids; kids, even when being quiet, are more obvious when enjoying it or not; adults (including the faces I watched most closely, until I realized what I was doing) are likely sit back and close their eyes and enjoy listening (or go to sleep).

Planet Bean is a very nice place to tell; it’s smaller than the Boathouse, but also warmer. Needs a bit of decorating, though; it’s a white-box with tired paint, cheap lights, and a big empty pane of glass with a few tree decorations. A few hundred dollars of curtains and paint and table cloths would make a world of difference. The staff, though, was great. Some parts of their job are noisy, but they put them in the story pauses, and the sat back and enjoyed the stories when there were no customers.

I tell to DD6’s class and their guests on Tuesday, and DS9’s on Wednesday. His will enjoy it, I’m not so sure about hers, depends on how her class party is going.



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