The Great Hangup

I’m at it again. I’m hanging up the laundry, but this time it’s not all over the house. (Comes of keeping on top of the laundry; two loads doesn’t take up as much drying space.)

Our special guest at Wednesday’s telling has shifted his energies from water conservation (based on last summer’s consumption, he figures the city has gotten the message) to energy usage, specifically clothes dryers. They are a huge fraction of a typical family’s energy bill, and therefore of energy generation. Yes, we now have Bullfrog power, so our energy is generated in green ways, but it still has to be delivered, and even Bullfrog can’t produce power without some adverse effect. (The best of a bunch of bad choices, rather than a perfect choice.)

So, the goal is to hang up as much as I can. I won’t go to huge lengths when I get overwhelmed, but every bit is good. I hung two loads up yesterday morning in the utility room. They were still very damp at supper, so I moved one rack to the main basement room. They were all dry this morning, and no sign of mustiness, so it looks like the basement has enough air circulation. Mom hung the laundry up downstairs during bad weather, and there wasn’t a problem, so it depends on the house. The lines from the previous owner are long enough for the bedsheets, but I’m unsure about the towels; they hold a lot of water (and therefore take a lot of energy to dry, so I should try even harder).

Wish me luck, and, even better, join me!


2 thoughts on “The Great Hangup

  1. We dry our clothes on those foldable wood and plastic things set up along one wall in the family room (and sometimes hang stuff from the shower rod). We rarely use the dryer. With the dry air in Arizona, they dry really fast. 🙂 Glad you found a place that works for you! 🙂

    1. Well, it almost works. I washed hubby’s gi this morning and I doubt it will be dry by tonight, and with the January thaw (three days of pea-soup fog) things are borderline, but I’m claiming an 80% success rate, possibly higher. I find hanging them indoors easier than outdoors, even in the summer; I often wouldn’t get them out in time, and evenings here are hectic. Mind you, with the new routines, laundry is all hung up by 11 most mornings.

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