The end of the Fall, Bits and Pieces

Goal for the new year: More blogging, but short stuff that’s fun to read. I follow a few acquaintances’ blogs, and they manage to keep it interesting and not self-deprecating. It’s a skill I want to gain.

Laundry hanging is doing well. After almost a week, I had to put half a load in the dryer. Towels take up a lot of line space. I need to re-organize what gets done on which day, but it should be doable.

On Tuesday I told at my daughter’s grade one class party. They were quieter than usual for that age, but their parents were there, so most of them snuggled and enjoyed. They’re louder when the parents aren’t there.

On Wednesday I told at my son’s grade 3/4 class. It’s a quiet bunch this year, except for one kid who kept asking questions about what the story would be about, rather than letting me get on with the story. The ones from last year were quite excited about it. This morning the teacher was late getting to the portable, so I offered to tell them another and they wanted it, but the principal arrived before I got more than a line in and took them to the warm library.

The holidays are coming up. Be prepared for me to be offline. A quick check usually turns into three hours away from the kids, which is not a good thing.



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