I Did It! — Singinging Lessons

Yep, singing lessons.

I’ve wanted music lessons ever since I realized plunking away on my friend’s piano with her lesson books wasn’t working. My parents wouldn’t shell out the money for a piano and lessons, sigh. I had two good years of clarinet in grade school, but the high school teacher was a total waste of my time. Seriously! My grade nine class was grade nines who had learned in grade school, plus grade tens who, the previous year, had him as their first ever teacher. By Christmas he’d given up on a piece Mrs. J would have had her grade 8’s performing already (a year or two younger, and with fewer hours, since arts in the early grades get less time) He passed a trumpet player who didn’t know what note started the concert B-flat scale. (It’s the first scale a trumpeter learns!) My stand mate was amazed when I took home the music and learned the run. Quarter and eighth-notes, and no sharps or flats.

Our kids had low-key group music lessons from age one through kindergarten. Now they’re in school full time, and now it’s my turn. Yep, mine!

Mom is somewhat unimpressed. Then again, she took a few “make a craft” courses when I was a kid, but nothing else; she thinks in terms of learning what you will use, I think in terms of learning what I enjoy learning. I think she’s worried I’ll make her listen to me practise, or that I’ll practise as much as I practised the clarinet (making the lessons somewhat less effective).

I also want voice care and speech and projection and ear training and everything that goes along with it. A storyteller sells a kit for $120, with text and videos and such, that claims to cover voice care, but I want the feedback.
The first teacher I looked into had a poster at the local youth music centre. She also had a website. Nicely  qualified, but her voice? Not one I want.

So I’ve chosen a group of teachers operating out of the youth music centre. They are probably on the expensive side, but I feel more confident about them. Teachers have to know what they’re doing before they join (I hope; there’s always a risk they’ll accept anyone with a bit of talent who pays their share of the office costs.) They also teach many different things. Many of the teachers also teaches recorder, so we may do a bit of that as well. We’ll see; I have enough birthday money for one term of 1/2 hour lessons.

I called them ten minutes ago and left a message. I gave them my age and what I want to learn; I’m pretty sure I mentioned I just want to be better than I am.

A good start to the new year!


(PS: I also did two loads of laundry, all the floors, and the hotspots I’d ignored for the holidays, so I’m doing well with the housework, too. I also sorted the email. Maybe I should look at lunch next.)


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