Business website is up!

Yep, it’s finally up!

MEM, storyteller extraordinaire and generally encouraging person, forwarded my draft advertisement to the entire group and suggested that I do up a brochure for the table.

That sort’a pushed it to the top of my urgent list.

Still having problems getting the nicer URL to work. Host’s DNR didn’t work (is fixed now), then there were bad lines in a .htaccess file. (The support desk at was very nice; they didn’t tell me that the lines were my fault, and they’re not something I would type, but the only other suspect is CPanel, which has been around for ages and should be trust-worthy.) So, we use the uglier URL for now. It’s a tad less professional-looking than I’d like, but it works.

Dad called. He has about 40 minutes of comments on it. Sigh. He did mention one problem that I fixed; it was working, until I cleaned up some of the code. Learning experience: Every time I touch anything, regardless of how little I think it affects, retest every single part. I thought I’d learned that a dozen times already.



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