Still alive and doing well

Really nothing to report.

We survived the snow day. Son earned $10 folding laundry and shoveling. (As he gets older, it will get added to his chores, but for now it’s an extra.)

Spent an hour with Dad going over the business site. Lots of little things to fix. I agree with most of them, but it’ll take a few hours to do them all, and I want to be awake. So, if anyone from Guild tonight (I’m not going, thanks to the weather) picks up a brochure, they might see something less than my best. (I consider having a site reviewed by fresh eyes to be standard; my best work includes asking people to check it out.)

Lots of ads for storytelling came in. I put them in the January newsletter (issued Feb 1, LOL), and another just arrived, for an event on Feb 26, with a limited number of tickets. Ah, well, it’s not my job to pass along everything.

Bird Scramble is done. I actually heard the muses for several days in a row, but had so many projects I couldn’t give them the time they deserve. I want to be awake then, too. I’ve been saying, “I have faith they will return” for two years now; here’s hoping they’re patient.



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