February is almost over….

So, what have I done?

I’ve discovered there are some really good bloggers out there, with interesting entries, but I’m not one of them. Too bad, so sad.

I finished FlyLady’s 31 Baby Steps and the house is much more comfortable. My parents called on a Friday to say they were getting in the car, and the “crisis clean” list consisted of washing daughter’s bedding (they use her room) and doing the hot spots. Wow!

I spend an hour on housework every morning, then singing and/or shorthand.

Dad and hubby replaced the kitchen sink and taps, and reinforced that part of the counter. It had rotted out, and the only thing holding up the taps were the copper pipes. That was the final bit of plumbing, so we now have cutoffs on all pipes. The kitchen is going to get a complete replacement (reusing the new sink and taps) in two years or so, once we pull far enough ahead on the mortgage. So glad we’re good savers!

Singing lessons are going well. I’m very happy with my teacher. I did no price research but I trust the school she works out of. It turns out she’s one of the more expensive, but I think I’m getting every penny. I trust her completely; her voice and her resume prove she knows about singing. She often says, “Many people think … but the truth is …”. And when I try what she says, I get better results, so she also knows about singing. I’m now beginning to work on a song — a real song! My current challenge is to stop thinking of her as an audience. The head/chest voice blends much better when you sing out, and I’m too tight in my high range.

In shorthand, on passages I’ve written once or already, I can write 50 wpm easily. I’m going to keep this speed, or maybe 60wpm, and concentrate on finishing the theory. I’ve also backed off on copying reams of samples. I still read it, and reread it until I’m fairly fluent — it helps a lot — but I’m not copying it out two times. Once I finish the theory, I’ll start working on speed again.

I’m going to the River Run Centre four times — twice with each kids’ class. Daughter saw Ballet Jorgen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes. A really wiggly 6-year-old boy was put beside me, with reason, sigh. At one point he was in the seat next to him. I see something else (or maybe the same thing) with Son’s 9-year-old class.

I’ve also done Scientist in Schools with both classes. I highly recommend this group! Their experiments and questions and presentations work and are geared for the age in question.

We went to a Ceili hosted by Daughter’s Irish Dance school on the weekend. A very late night, but a good one. Son was practically in tears when we told him he had to dance one dance. He was convinced he’d die of humiliation. He grinned during much of it, especially as there was one point he was able to slap Daddy’s bum. Most of us were lucky to move in the right direction around the circle, but there were some who know what they were doing. Just before the break, they cleared the floor and dancers did solos. Incredible! Daughter was on the floor the entire time. Daughter has said repeatedly that, if she can only do one dance type, it will be ballet. As good as the ballet school is, though, Husband and I prefer the Irish.

Daughter took her ballet exam. We don’t have the results back, but based on her Christmas report card and that at this young age the teacher wants them to have a successful experience, I’m sure she passed. We had to get a proper outfit for her, and put up her hair, and a teacher from another school came in to test them. It was a good experience.

We saw Veggie Tales, the Pirates Who Do Nothing. I enjoyed it and recommend it. Our kids get scared at intense movies, but they enjoyed this one. I’m hyper-sensitive to Christian messages, but the only one I saw lasted two minutes. Yes, there really was a Deus ex Machina, and he will provide everything you need. I’m not so sure of that, but I liked the rest of the messages. I was a bit concerned, in hindsight, at the lack of female role models. Most of the women were the wives/mothers, and only in the background. The only exception was a daughter who brave and intelligent and called for help and trusted her father. Well, at her age, hiding and calling for help was the right thing to do, and her father did come through.

We also saw Spiderwick. Son, Husband and myself have read the series, so we could assure Daughter of the happy ending. The overall plot was similar, but many scenes and details differed. On the other hand, the really important details were carried to the new scenes. If you enjoyed the books, you will enjoy the movie, but don’t look for the exact same plot.

My yearly storytelling sabbatical (and the advertising I do for it) will end soon, sigh. I was enjoying the break. I’ve exhausted our family library and need to find more stories.



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