Post March Break

Just a quick update. March Break was great, and as internet free as I could be without dropping obligations. That means I’m way way way behind on anything social, not to mention dealing with a body clock that’s two hours off after the time change and the break.

Things are good.

I’m no longer an un-named “and other” at By Word of Mouth. They put all our names on the poster this year. The mis-spelled name is mine, sigh.

Daughter, age 6, dances at a bar tonight. Her Irish dance school was asked for dancers for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a restaurant/bar in student-ville. The school owner is a bit leery, having had some bad experiences with other bars (broken glass on change room floor, another with no change room), but we took the kids for early supper at one with the same owners as tonight’s, and were comfortable. They had a kids’ menu and a really good magician. (Grandpa was a magician, so I know a lot of the tricks. This guy kept everyone so interested I had to really concentrate to see them.) Two of the girls going are university students, one of whom helps teach daughter’s class, so it should be fine.

Other than that, lots of resolutions, and a day spent not working on them.



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