More Live Shows with the Kids

Have I mentioned how much I love living here? Each kid gets to go to two shows at a world-class venue a year, thanks to some great sponsors. I, as a parent with nothing better to do, get to go along and make the kids behave.

Earlier this month I went with the 6-year-olds to see Trent Arterberry. Even the wigglers, who didn’t watch any of the ballet, watched this one intently. (Wiggling all the while, but trying to get them to settle down takes their attention from the show, so I let it go as long as it doesn’t distract others or involve boots on furniture.)

There’s something about a well-done robot that gets their attention. Then there was the worm in the apple. And the lesson on how to gross out your teacher by moving your head. There was enough cute stuff for the girls, too. This was absolutely the best show for the age group I’ve ever seen.

Today I saw Cadence with grades 3 and 4 . Four guys singing a capella. (Once again, I have to tell my singing teacher I sang at the theatre, only this time it was jazz and rock’n’roll.) It’s too bad that this class saw two singing groups in a row, but them’s the breaks. There have been enough problems with groups canceling that the teachers now have no clue what we’ll see each time.

I loved the show. Husband would have loved the show. We used to listen to some of the songs they sang. They tried really hard to keep the kids’ interest, and mostly succeeded, at least the kids who were willing to give them a chance. The sound effects and body language were awesome. I think the sense of humour was good for this audience. However, I had trouble making out all the words. Half of the humour in the songs was in the words, so the kids beside me thought I was even more strange than usual, for the songs I knew, and even I was lost for the songs I didn’t. I’ll email the theatre later about that — it’s something they might be able to fix.

So, that’s the end of free theatre for me for the year, except, of course, for storytelling.


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