Bits and Pieces

I have discovered I’m just not a blog writer. I know some people who keep interesting online diaries, others who frequently have useful things to say. Me, I’m none of the above.

So, here goes, the last few weeks in a nutshell:

We survived March Break.

Shorthand has stalled again. I read ahead, did a bit of writing, and then when I went back to do the dictation for the chapters that got short-changed — ouch! Back to redo them, sigh.

Both kids did the high fever thing, a week apart, both over 40degC. Son’s fever was stubborn and wouldn’t go down. All the books said 40 is “see a doctor” time. TeleHealth had a 2 hour wait. So Hubby took him in. After over 5 hours waiting, his fever was down. Uh, yeah, early morning is the lowest, late evening is the highest, I knew that. The only things we hadn’t checked that they did were his ears and urine. (Yep, we’ve been through fevers before, and our medical bookshelf is … large.) They said we should give him both Tylenol and Motrin at the same time next time. Sometimes one works better, and they won’t interact.

I really, really, wish the local hospital would get a nurse practitioner. You don’t need a fully-qualified, current ER doctor to do a routine fever. I’m sure one could have cleared the waiting room easily while the ER doctors handled the “right now or he dies” stuff.

Storytelling is still wonderful, although the new brochures don’t have my phone number, or the right email address for general guild stuff. Sigh. Comes of doing only urgent computer stuff over the March Break and missing when it was emailed out for comments. I missed Friday’s Stories Aloud due to son’s fever, sigh. We had a babysitter arranged and Husband was finally going to come. I had one of my favourite stories ready, too. I’ll still tell it this week at the Boathouse, but then I need to get a new story ready for the Boathouse. I’ve only told two or three stories at Baden, which is disappointing.

I’ve started a “no excuse” housecleaning regime. I’m doing FlyLady’s exactly as on the list, except I spread the Weekly Blessing out a bit, and if Kelly’s mission takes under 15 minutes I keep going. After two weeks, I like the results. I kept slipping when I assigned my own zone missions.

It’s laundry line time again. I love it, although it means I have to fold laundry after school rather than next morning.

I broke down and got a DayTimer datebook. The electronic thing was driving me crazy. First you have to wait till it turns on, then enter the password. Then you have to key to the right section. It’s all too easy to push the wrong button and enter something wrong, and there’s no double-checking. Even with the new screen, it doesn’t always read the right letter.

I bought the same one I used in high school. I even pulled out the personalized case with my maiden name! I can fill up the pages with doodles and put todos on the same page as the appointments. Todos don’t carry forward unless I tell them to. This one fits nicely in my purse. I may upsize to the 1/2 sheet size I used in university; it would be nice in many ways, esp when I have printouts to carry around, but that wouldn’t fit in my purse, and I don’t want to spend $60 or more on a combined purse/binder.

Now, on to the income tax! The government wants it by the end of the month, and it’s not fair to the accountant to leave it too late.



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