You want my business?

After the latest round of flu and coughing, I went through the medicine box for expired and empty meds. I must have done the last round of buying after a lot of coughing, since there was a lot of expired cough medicine.

We’re supposed to take expired meds to a pharmacy for disposal, right? So I went to the grocery store’s pharmacy counter. It was the discount store I’m trying to go to more, not the expensive store I have a bad habit of going to. They asked if I normally bought there. Stupid me, I should have lied. They only take them from regular customers. It costs them money to dispose of the meds properly. They said go to the drug store I normally get prescriptions filled at (downtown near the doctor’s), or the hazardous waste depot.

Guess what, oh-cheap-pharmacy? Seeing as I had to go to a different store anyways, there was no sense me doing any shopping at your store. Instead, I replaced the expired cough meds, and loaded up on flu and allergy meds, and my weekly groceries, at your competitor, and will continue to do so as long as I stay mad at you.


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