Meme: Book memories

I was tagged by Jane,

1. Do you associate reading particular books with the places you read them or events of the time you read them?

Often, but not always. I can tell you when I read a book, roughly, but only associate the book with the time/place if it was a noticeably good (or bad) fit for the time, or a special person was involved, or the act of reading it was a statement.

I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables around grade 6. In grade 8 I finally found the last one — Rilla of Ingleside. As with any book, I carried it everywhere, and read it in class when my homework was done. My English teacher looked at it’s colourful cover and large print, and told me I should read something harder. Next week I brought in my 1889 copy of Lorna Doone, handed down from my great aunt to my grandmother to my mother to me. 700 pages of very tiny print. (Better quality paper and printing than today, or you’d never be able to read the print.) Those two books are wonderful for pre-teen girls, and that episode convinced me more than anything that if you enjoy a book, then it belongs on your list, regardless of what anyone else says.

2. Do you remember the books you read or do they fade quickly? Or do you remember some better than others? How about remember details like character names, not just overall plot?

It varies. I forget light stuff quickly (which is good, because there’s limited reading at the cottage, which is good, because if there were too much we’d spend the entire vacation inside reading). I often remember the characters or societies, but forget the plot and many of the details. I’m more likely to remember the plot if it’s a good book, although on the rare occasions when I re-read something not-light I’m amazed at how much I missed the first time. (It probably helps that the only books I reread are multi-leveled and well-crafted, which means you’re not intended to consciously notice a lot of the details the first time.)

I tried re-reading two of my young adult favourites, though, and am finding them really horrid. One of them is the aforementioned Lorna Doone. It’s really slow-going, compared to what I’m now used to.

3. Have you ever forgotten you’ve read/own a book and borrowed/bought it again?

Hasn’t everyone? The few series we collect, sometimes we read them in the library first, then buy it. (We try to spend more time in the library, so often see it there first.) So we know we read it, and liked it, and it’s worth shelf-space, but forget we already have it in a box in the basement.

The few times it’s happened in the library, it’s because I didn’t enjoy the book enough to finish it. I’ll bring it home and Husband will say we already read it. Sometimes it’s still not worth reading, sometimes I’ll be in a better mood for it.




2 thoughts on “Meme: Book memories

  1. I think I have missed yet another internet ‘phenomenon’. What is the Meme stuff all about? I should probably just do a big internet search, but I’m in the middle of writing. 🙂

    1. When you get tagged, you do the same thing (in this case answer the three questions) and pass it on.

      Yep, chain letters are alive and well on the internet, but without claims of miracles or disasters if you do/don’t participate.


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