Just my luck,…

A very few days after shifting to Simplified, guess what appeared in the mail.

Anni Speed Studies, third edition. It was recommended when I said I was having trouble. It looks like a good book. It has penmanship pointers and lots of practice for each theory point. It also breaks the pre/suffixes and vocab into smaller sections. If I’d had it earlier, I’m not sure if I would have gotten as frustrated. The book I had been using, Fundamental Drills, has a bit more prose, which makes for more time in each chapter, but not as much advice.

I’ll read the advice in Anni Speed Studies and do the penmanship drills. They are for all editions. Gregg really is a robust and adaptable system. Many of the drills and pointers are in the Simplified manual already. Speed Studies is a good book to have on the shelf, but I still think Simplified is a happy medium between super high speeds vs more confidence that there’s enough info on the page to be unambiguous. I don’t usually put in much context, so “you’ll tell by context” just doesn’t give me the confidence it would give someone who always writes in full sentences.

Also, Gregg’s original system was much simpler than Anni. His competitors claimed that his system was too simple (anything to discredit your opponent!), so he made it more complex as a marketing ploy. Interesting, that these days marketing would want it simpler (unless it’s a video game, where the hard-core market likes complex). His early students, though, did phenomenally well. (I still think the one who was tested by the Pitman company, where the dictator gave up after six minutes, had reverted to “nouns and verbs”. I wish they had made him set aside his notes for a day, then transcribe, and marked his transcript. The way the story is written, the Pitman guys might claim he was only pretending to write, or was relying on memory.



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