The Quest

I’ve been really good about hanging up laundry rather than using the dryer. I use the dryer maybe twice a month, compared to almost twice a day before. I use it when it’s so damp things aren’t drying, or if I get really out of synch and need to do three loads in one day. (Thanks to FlyLady, that’s hardly ever, but with kids you never say never.)

My quest is to find the perfect clothes pin.

The perfect clothes pin is narrow, so I can hold at least six in my had at once. That’s one bedsheet.

The perfect clothes pin pinches the clothes to the line, not just cloth to cloth, so the clothes don’t slide down the line.

The perfect clothes pin withstands the sun. It’s faster if I can leave the pins on the line all summer rather than get them all in the basket to bring into the house. It’s a little thing, but it takes time.

The perfect clothes pin is plastic, so I can leave the clothes out in the rain. What, you’ve never misread the weather or gotten caught up in a good book? Wooden ones leave streaks.

The perfect clothes pin has a strong enough spring, but not too strong. Tight enough to do the job, but not hard to open. I do about 50 a day.

The perfect clothes pin is available. Every year or two, I need new ones (see withstanding the sun), and they’re hard to find.



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