Another show with the kids

Have I mentioned I love our city? Each child sees two professional productions on the big stage every year, free of charge.

This time it was Edith Tankus as Hurricane Gerty. It was suggested for grade 2/3. This is what I wrote to the theatre afterwards:


We saw Hurricane Gertie last week, with a split 3/4 class. The kids loved it.

Some of this class ignore everything. It was nice to see the participating for a change. One is easily overwhelmed and tends to bolt, so he often ignores things out of necessity. He watched the whole thing!

The more mature kids also had fun. As an adult, I enjoyed anticipating what would happen next.

I was impressed by the way she answered the questions. She gave an in-character answer which contained the answer the kid was looking for, without ruining the spell.

I know this show was advertised for a younger audience, but I’m very glad our class got to go.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the kids, who might otherwise think the Centre does nothing but high-brow dead composers. Variety is good.


Yep, I love this city.


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