Update on Typing

He spent over an hour on the computer doing spelling and reading log. I couldn’t get Word working on his XP account, so gave him a choice of a few others. He chose the plain text one that shows hidden text rather than the one that does fancy fonts and such but doesn’t show the hidden text. (4th generation engineer in training?)

That’s a lot of time for a nine-year-old. He did the standard operations, asked about a few more, and asked the spellchecker (which I was of two minds about) “What’s wrong with ‘i’m’? Oh, the capital.” So now I think it gives him the ability to get it right, which is something he didn’t have before. Getting used to getting it right is good, so I’ll let him use the spellchecker, but every now and then point out the hazards. “Doe snot” passes a spellchecker.

The Peters Cortez books are apparently much like every other book — or maybe it’s that most modern books are based on his system — but the drills are much more specific. They’re aimed at adults or people who already type, not kids. They don’t do frequent words, like I thought, but random letters, such as doing a sentence backwards. Apparently the diagnostic drills are good. Might be good for me. Lately I’m making a lot more typos than I like.



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