I’m So Excited

I’m FLYing! This is my sixth month. Daily and weekly routines have been mostly in place for 5. As of tomorrow, I will have met all my Flying goals for three weeks straight. Not necessarily on the day planned, but my entire Flying todo list has been done by the end of the week. Very proud of myself, and the house is looking better than ever.

I’m writing! After a drought of over a year, I pulled out my novel and dove in. No new stuff yet, but I polished a scene from my epic and it’s going out next week. A lot of the old skills are coming back. I felt the tension, and was able to find a subtle change that turned a character from an over-bearing jerk into to something milder. Definite progress! Confidence, too, since I stopped writing because the characters and angst were taking over my life. It means I’m confident enough in my life balance to try again, and it’s been a long time coming.

Son will try an AlphaSmart  (really primitive laptop) in class. Two years ago, the independent psych-something said his handwriting would never be good enough to get the job done past grade 3 or so. The teacher worked miracles with alternate testing methods, and he writes a lot faster than he did, but he’s an A student if he dictates and C or D if he writes. He hates writing, so doesn’t put in the details. He will get to use one for his novel study, and we’ll try to get him to type his reading log answers at home. She wants him to keep working on the printing, too, since in real life it’s not always possible to pull out a keyboard. A good balance. I hope he enjoys using it enough to use it! It will take some time for him to get faster on it than he is at printing, and he hates the typing lesson programs we have, so it may be even slower. I think I’ll get the Cortez Peters typing book. Some people have seen him in action, and he claims to help folks reach high speeds faster than the usual system. I think he emphasizes patterns rather than rhythm. The normal system is almost metronome, and the games put the letters in random sequences. In real typing, letters happen in patterns, like TH and AND.

So, we’re excited!


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