Something I didn’t want to know about singing

When you’re singing really well, from the listeners’ perspective, it might sound really terrible to the singer.

I believe it, in theory. We hear ourselves through bone conduction. We also hear a different amount of resonance. My teacher says sometimes she still needs to listen to a recording to tell what she really sounds like. (She was a semi-finalist at the Eckhardt-Gramatte this weekend, so I think she knows what she’s talking about.)

So, I need to learn what it sounds like to me when (and if??) I produce a sound that’s right for “them”.

I suppose I could argue that I’ll never sing for anyone besides myself (and my kids, who were my biggest fans until I started singing more often) but then what’s the sense of taking lessons?

I’m enjoying it. My range has improved, and we don’t repeat exercises as much as we used to. (We’ll just ignore today’s lesson. Blame it on the cold I’m hoping to avoid.) I’ll try to practise more this week. I find the exercises she gives help, but I still wish she could be with me every time I practise. So often, I create a new sound, and wonder if it’s what we were trying for in the lesson, or something to avoid.



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