I want to go back! Yes, my daughter held me a good five minutes when I returned, and that was precious, but I really could use another few days there. It was my first night away from the kids in nine years.

The B-Storytelling Guild held its first ever retreat, at Grebe Lodge near Cabot Head, on the Bruce Peninsula. I feel for the leader; her style is “well, what do you want,” and it’s like herding cats. Worked great, though — we each had a few definite wants, which were met, and lots of ideas to use or not. Lots of time for getting to know each other and wandering the nature preserve.

It is so wonderful to be a part of this group. D used us as a sounding board for a story about her great-grandmother. The story is one of 8 or 17, depending on how many she finishes, several years in researching and refining, but this one wouldn’t gel for her, until she told us the bones and the background. Sunday morning we were priveledged to hear what may have been the first telling of the almost-final product. I say “may have” because there were some areas she wants to work on some more; she wants to get it right, for her grand-mere.

We heard and helped with a story co-written and edited by his four-year-old daughter. Several shorter stories for polishing and confidence.

I told Richard Hughes “The Dark Child”, without the aid of recent review — a perfect telling, with great comments. I say perfect as it applies to storytelling — the audience accepted my invitation to join me in the story, and I did the story justice. It does not mean “word-perfect”. I also described a set I was working on, culminating in Kipling’s Sons of Mary, which was still in the research stage. Great comments, and some good ideas about what I could make of it.

Storytellers are great cooks. Fresh lake trout, grilled salmon, pizza soup.

Saturday supper was at Voyageur Storytelling on the Bruce Peninsula, near Cabot Head. Another gourmet meal, and an evening of stories and songs by two master tellers.

I want to go back.


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