Last day of freedom — at least from my perspective

Last day of school is over. Kids are watching TV. I’m avoiding cooking.

Husband had karate tonight. I have potluck tomorrow.

Saturday we go to the cottage till Wednesday, and finish staining it. Should take the bathing suits and see if Sauble is warm yet.

My time sense is totally messed up. Last week and this, the “day off” was Friday. I’m almost used to Monday being off, for long weekends, but Friday is unusual. Add lack of sleep from the retreat, a bunch of books arriving, and general laziness, and my time sense is way off. I just haven’t had the energy to actually do any housework, which messes things up more.

Add the usual end-of-month disconnect from not seeing the whole week on the calendar — except this week is fully shown. Maybe it’s the stickers Daughter put on it — hard to read the actual events. Add husband frequently changing dates for travel. One week he has lots booked. The next week he realizes how behind they are at work. The next week he decides he’s overdue a vacation and work can go,…

Hopefully things will settle down soon. I crave roots and routes.


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