Weblog Tour Question

Philangelus is participating in a weblog tour. A group of bloggers answer a question every week. Some very good questions and great answers, but I follow enough blogs without adding total strangers.

This week’s weblog tour question is something to the effect of, if you could be a superhero, what would you choose as your superpower? You’re invited to answer for yourself in the comment box.

My power would be understanding and patience. Understanding often brings patience, but understanding without patience to make use of it is heart-rending. Patience without the understanding wouldn’t be as bad.

So often, one of the kids needs something, and I don’t quite know what. Sometimes we can wait it out, or figure out how to help them work through it faster, but sometimes something as simple as realizing she isn’t getting out the door faster because she needs to tie her shoe would make a world of difference. Sometimes she just needs to get something off her chest, or an adult to spray detangler in her hair, but we can’t see past the first sentence repeated ten times, and the bell about to ring, and her yelling, and then crying because we blame her for being late. If only we understood, before anyone starts the hysterics (and everyone in our house is equally guilty of starting them), what tiny thing is needed, we would all be better off.


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