Small acheivement

I finally did it!

After years of using the old sheets Mom gave me when I moved out, or ones she buys for the guest room and redecorates a year later — got tons for double bed — and waiting until I go through all the boxes before buying new stuff,…

I finally bought new sheets. One new set for son, two for us. Full sets, and extra pillow cases, since we always seem to have more pillows than cases.

Blame FlyLady. I tried remaking the bed as soon as I stripped it. Yes, need two sets of sheets, but they’ll last twice as long. Yes, need to fold the sheets after washing, rather than put right back on the bed, but it’s also easier. No more having to bring up (or bring in, put in dryer, and bring up) the sheets right before bedtime, or tripping over the day’s toys while making it — strip and remake before the toys come out. I also started keeping each set in the pillowcase. No more searching separate piles for matching bottom, top and pillow case — or, in our case, mixed set. It was the matching that made me see the gaps.

The queen bed finally has fitted sheets! Shaves a whole minute off making, and another minute every other morning to redo it, but it makes me smile.

Sometimes, this “if in doubt, save” habit is worth ignoring.



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