A week at one cottage, just kids and hubby and myself. Now home for a bit before going to my parents’ and the family reunion.

Housework is back on schedule. A rather busy schedule, but one I think I can keep, and I know which parts can slip. Still fine-tuning a way of organizing the things that can and can’t slip, so the same things don’t slip all the time.

I need to learn to pace myself with the boards. I’ve timed it before: An hour of catch-up for every day away. I don’t like what that says about when we’re not away, and I follow things more closely. I caught up on all but two of them yesterday, finishing at midnight. Not good. Today I’m good for nothing. I need to pace myself. I know which ones are most important for me to stay caught up on. I did that in 30 minutes. The problem is, the ones that suck up my time, and I find most enjoyable, are the non-critical, non-urgent ones, so I stay on.

Next challenge for self: 30 minutes on the boards per session, max. If I leave after that long and do something physical, at least I’m off it, and if it’s evening I’ll probably turn off the machine. I know it works.

Anyhoo, back to the slave mines. Fifteen more minutes online, then mopping.



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