Found! A Replacement for Fitaly

My first Palm PDA had one drawback — I hated the querty onscreen keyboard. I found Fitaly Onscreen and loved it. Then I upgraded to a colour model, and couldn’t get the FitalyStamp to work. Kept crashing the system.

(“Stamp” refers to a sticker that goes over the graffiti area, as opposed to a keyboard that comes up on the screen.)

Since then, I’ve tried MessageEase and a few others. Again, couldn’t get it to work in stamp mode, but I persevered with the onscreen version. The large one worked well, but didn’t show enough text. The small one had an unacceptable error rate, even after I put in a brand new screen.

Today I tried QuickType 2.1.0 at I like it!

It’s Open Source. The last message from the developer was 2003, which would normally be worrisome, but seeing as my Palm m505 was made in 2001, and discontinued a few years ago, I’m not worried. (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried something that “runs on all Palms,” except for the ones made before the programmer was born.

It comes with several layouts. I like the OPTI layout. It’s not Fitaly, but has the same concept: put the common letters in the middle, and common combinations close together. I didn’t bother looking it over, just started typing. I never had to look very hard for the next key — the combinations really are close together.

Very happy with it! I’m sad to see that the OS5 version never got out of beta, and that was 2003.


2 thoughts on “Found! A Replacement for Fitaly

  1. my phone is a palm treo – not quite the palm pda, but i do love the palm system in general. my whole life is on this phone, and thankfully backed up on my computer. i originally had a palm pda in 2003 (i think) that flipped open and had the touch screen and space to use the graffiti (which i became quite proficient at despite the high error rate – sigh – it felt like a really cool code and beat the heck out of the tiny keyboard) i wish my palm treo had that option. the main reason i stick with palm phones is because i’ve been able to download my life year after year after year. have you tried a palm phone or are you using a palm pda? is it still the palm from 2001? if so, wow!

    1. The phone doesn’t have Graffiti? I hope it has some way to enter international characters. (Yep, I’m silly. I never use them, but think they should be available.)

      We’ve had bad luck with combined products, and our cell phone is on a minimal, emergency-only plan. Also, how do you check your notes while on the phone?

      I don’t use my PDA for the calendar. I tried for over a year, and later I tried it again. By the time I unzip it, enter the password, and fight my way through entering the data, I’m stressed. Not the way I want to feel about the thing I trust my life to.

      I have ADHD, but never realized it because Mom considered a calendar and grocery list and other organizing things to be common sense. But after reading up on it for my son, I realize freaking when I can’t trust my calendar is typical.

      I finally bought a new filler for the Daytimer system I used in high school (when I was on top of the world), and my heart rate slowed the first time I used it.

      I also found the Palm todo list was frustrating. It took too long to plan out my day, and it kept putting low-priority overdue things first (although now I wonder why I didn’t sort by category).

      I love it for the phone book, downloadable books, and downloading fanfiction to read and comment on. I can write my comments on it — although I’m way behind right now. Also, I can store and find things like the size of the furnace filter for when they’re on sale, or which ink the printer uses and price at each store.

      This is my second. We get them off EBay, old and cheap. You can get new replacement parts fairly cheap off EBay. (Yes, new, or they did a great job of repackaging.)

      Husband is on his second or third. He uses it as his main date book and the todo list. After the third repair, he spent some overtime money on a brand new current one.

      When I was first looking in 2004, they had several with little keyboards. I hated most of them. The keys were bumps rather than dents — too small for your finger, and the stylus slid off.

      Have you tried Agendus? I’m playing around with the free version. I’m very impressed with its multiple views and hierarchies, but not convinced it’s enough to overcome the problems that turned me off PDA as calendar in the first place.


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