Goals are like the stars. We rarely reach them, but we chart our course by them.
– Anon.

Dreams always come a size too big so we can grow into them.
– Anon

Companions to yesterday’s quote.

Yesterday’s said we were to set great dreams and then make them a reality.

Today’s first was in my high school English room. I apply it more to intangible goals, like being a good person or raising good kids. Those goals are hard to measure.

The last one is currently on the sign board outside the kids’ school. Absolutely appropriate to that age, and the neighbourhood, which includes a lot of financially-challenged families. My dreams for the kids are things that don’t quite fit for the moment. I try to keep them general, but so far their specific castles are things that will meet my general dreams.

Me, I’m mid-life. Still learning things, but it doesn’t feel right to start a long, expensive (time and money) course of study at this stage. It’s more that I’d be taking up classroom space better used by someone who will use the skills for longer, than I don’t want to learn. Besides, right now, my job is to ensure that my kids and family can meet their goals. That’s a very worthy goal, but quite different from the one I was formally trained for.

The kids have a long road ahead of them, and the fewer bumps the better. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be any bumps. They need to learn to deal with them, and to experience what happens when you make a bad decision. Any experiences they don’t have now, they’ll have later, when it may be harder to recover, or when they may lose more. My job is to ensure they have someplace to come back to after they have those experiences, and that they get to choose their speed bumps rather than have them forced on them.


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