New Computer, Stalling

Canadian tax law says you can depreciate a computer over two years. In other words, they think it’s normal to replace one that often.

I’ve changed computers three or four times since 2002. Each time, I have to move my data, and then all the programs and tiny utilities, and set up new profiles and preferences. I notice that Vista allows you to move all that in one fell swoop — including viruses. Not my choice.

Mom gave me her old laptop this summer. It’s beautiful. Large screen, and a bit heavy, but more powerful in every way than my current desktop. It will be great if the business ever gets off the ground.

But I’m procrastinating. I have this long list of things I want to do first. Every time I’ve changed computers, we start with a backup. Usually, the backup is of the entire hard drive — so that includes the previous backup. Can you say "recursion"? My backup profiles (Second Copy rocks!) usually keep the latest ten copies of files. Stupid, because I usually change the file name each time, just adding a number. It’s an old habit, recommended in a Mac manual in 1987, because the first thing it did when saving is destroy the original. A bad time for a power surge. I’m used to being able to delete things and change a file, and if I realize the next day I made it worse, I can go back. Not that I can remember doing so,… I guess "keep ten copies" makes more sense for files I don’t name myself, like the financial program and bookmarks.

The new screen is almost as big, with the same resolution and clearer dots, and a smaller desk footprint. I can set the new one to use the old and new screens. I can continue to use my ergonomic keyboard and nice mouse. Wireless connection (and a IT guy who knows how to keep it secure). What’s not to love about it?

I need to change over before my parents visit in October, but I’m not looking forward to the transfer.


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