New Computer, the saga gets going

Part of my goal with this one is to purge stuff as I move it over. I’ve got a huge folder that had all the documents (and likely half the programs) and the recursive backups from the old one, and as I move I purge. I also make sure the new locations are properly set to back up.

As regular readers know, I use Second Copy. Wonderful program. I’m setting most things for "exact copy", so if I rename a file, the backup only has the most recent, rather than the last copy with the old name and the latest version with the new name. You need to be sure that each profile (meaning set of instructions, e.g., "email") has its own folder to go into, otherwise when running the bookmarks profile it will say, "Hey, there’s no "bookmarks" file in the source, so I’ll delete it from the destination." I also tell it to keep three or so copies of all files it deletes, in yet another folder. Lastly, I no longer have it run automatically on shut-down. Instead, I set the profiles to run every few hours. To turn it off, I right-click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen (you know, where all the "always-on" things are), and tell it to run all profiles then shut down. Still need to practise that one, but that’s what husband does. This is just how I set it up this time. There are all sorts of options, and the default isn’t bad at all, except it doesn’t keep the full path — so if you tell it to look everywhere and save all "bookmark" files (just in case you use two browsers), it’s a bit hard to tell how to restore them. You have to go into custom settings for the profile to fix that.

As always, a backup on the same harddrive isn’t useful if the harddrive crashes (or you spill milk on the laptop, like I did ages ago). I’m putting all the backups together, so it’s easy to grab them and burn a CD for extra security. I may add a bunch of backup profiles similar to the first set, but only for more recent stuff, so I can easily backup to a thumbdrive between CD backups.

So far, I’ve moved email and bookmarks. I also moved a few progarms I purchased online. This time, I have a "purchased programs" file for things I downloaded, including a text file with the registration key. This folder gets copied to a CD as well, so if the new one dies,…

Yes, I’ve had machines die more often than I like.

Bookmarks and email have been moved over.

I almost messed things up when doing the email. I noticed the data folder had what looked like settings for email accounts I stopped using years ago, so I deleted them. Then the program couldn’t find any account info at all. Oops. Fortunately, I’d made yet another backup of the data file before starting. Then husband taught me a safer way to do that sort of thing.

1. Make backup.
2. Add ".remove" to the filename.
3. Run program and check if anything broke.
4. Move the file to another directory (or desktop).
5. Repeat 3.
6. Delete the file.

Much easier to undo if any check fails. He then deleted the same files, and it all worked. I wonder if the program was running when I did it. Sometimes programs don’t like that.

I’m now on GoogleTalk as well as Yahoo and MSN. I’m doing it all with Pigin — one program that will run several profiles at once, with all the common protocols. It won’t do fancy things like playing games, and sometimes the big guys change the protocol and Pigin takes a while to catch up, but Husband has been using it for a year and likes it.

The speech to text still isn’t working, sigh. It opens and closes windows, but won’t type into a program.

My next project is to purge my emails. I haven’t deleted any email other than junk and newsgroups since January 2007, as an experiment. There are now 950 in "boring", most of which can be deleted. No clue how many were sorted into other folders.



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